Composing Tweet Redesign

By: Kathryn Washington

Twitter has created a new design for composing tweets. For a while, when composing a tweet using the IOS app, the app would take you to a separate page to create the new tweet. Although personally I don’t see anything wrong with the composing tweet design for Twitter on IOS, the redesign does look a lot better. The new redesign mimics the computer design for the social platform. Now you are able to compose the tweet on your news feed. This is the same way you compose tweets on the computer. This new design is nice because it lets you compose a new tweet while being able to see other tweets on your feed.


The new composing tweet feature will be located at the top of your timeline. It is a simple small bar with a camera icon located on the right side of the bar. Clicking the camera icon will give you the option of adding a photo, video, or live stream video. Features, such as polls, GIFs, and location are still available on the redesign of Twitter. To view these features, you must click on the part of the bar where you will compose your new tweet. A Twitter spokesperson explained why Twitter decided to change the look of this feature. The spokesperson stated, “We want to make it easier for anyone to tweet. To that end, we’re experimenting with ways to make the Tweet compose bar easier to access on Twitter for IOS, similar to the experience on” In my opinion, I don’t think it necessarily makes it easier for a user to tweet. I think this is more convenient for users to have the ability to tweet faster, other than making it easier.

Lastly, I hope the company utilizes this new design on other mobile platforms, such as Android and Windows. I think those mobile users will enjoy this new change as well.


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