Diversity in the Media

By: Sierra Ramos

Diversity is something that tends to lack in the media. “About 40 percent of the United States identifies as nonwhite and women make up more than half of the population, yet popular media outlets largely remain homogenous,” according to DiversityInc. Absent diverse viewpoints from the media can also have damaging effects on some people. However, one of my favorite television shows that does show much diversity is “How to Get Away with Murder,” which is a popular drama T.V. series on the network channel ABC. It is basically about a female lawyer who teaches law classes at a law school where she has a group of students who help her out with her dramatic criminal cases.

The reason why I love this show is not only for its drama and suspense, but because the main character is an African American woman. So, not only is the star of the show a female, but she is also a minority. Her name in the show is Annalise Keating, who is very strong, smart and independent. I love how this show used a woman as a brave and brilliant criminal defense attorney because many shows and movies depict lawyers as being male because it is stereotypical to think that men are the ones who are supposed to have high-paying careers. Another thing that makes this show different is that Annalise is a dark black woman. I say “dark” because I remember that in one of my classes, a couple of black students said that “light” skinned black people were depicted as better looking and more attractive because being a “light-skinned” is closer to looking white. Me being a pale Hispanic female, I did not know this kind of thinking existed in the black community because it is sad to think that way. As for the show, Annalise is shown quite often taking off her wig and embracing her natural hair, which is very short and curly. One of Annalise’s assistants is also a Caucasian female, which makes the show even more diverse. There is also a Hispanic female main character who sometimes speaks Spanish on the show. She is one of Annalise’s closest students.

Other than race and gender, the sexuality in this show varies greatly. There are straight relationships between a man and woman and there are also lesbian relationships, as well as gay relationships. One of the men in the gay relationship is Asian, which is also diverse and uncommon in T.V. shows because he is Asian and he is gay.

This show is amazing for its content and its diverseness among race, gender and sexuality, which I think is very important in today’s society because it does not discriminate anybody and it seems more accepting. I hope more movies, T.V. shows and the media as a whole will be more diverse in the future.

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