Girl Gamers

Girl gamers on YouTube are becoming increasingly more popular in the online space. While the basic gaming channel is constructed of mostly guys, the girls of the gaming community have created their own community and following. While YouTube continues to make the transition to becoming more of a traditional social media platform, people are finding their way and starting their own businesses. Female gamers have done the same thing but have received an odd amount of hate for it. People has accused girl gamers online of not actually playing the games that their videos are about. Why would people assume that they are not playing the game? They are being accused because they are female. They have also been accused of using their bodies to get views which many say YouTube is not the place for. I think that that is preposterous. There is so much on the YouTube platform that there is no way to filter out what “belongs” on the website or what people should be allowed to post. There are also male youtubers that perform a similar tactic. Instead of using their bodies to promote their videos they pimp off their families and girlfriends. Statistics have shown that if a girl can be seen in the video with you, the video is 3x more likely to be clicked on. Another tactic that they use on YouTube is turning their gaming channels into prank channels or challenge channels where they perform trendy challenges that have nothing to do with anything. The strength of these channels is not because of what they are posting. People are falling in love with the personalities of the gamers. When it comes to girl gamers that notion goes out the window and they are not granted the same respect that male youtubers are given. I think that YouTube should do something about this. As the platform becomes more of a traditional social media, it would be sad to see this go unnoticed by them.hqdefault(

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