New Words Created by Social Media

Yaqi Zhang




Nearly everyone has at least one social media platform today. Since the dominate users of social media are younger generations, they have their own way to use it, or another word, they have their own way to communicate through social media. Social media builds a creative environment for its users. Businesses use their unique social media marketing strategy to target their audience, and there are no right or wrong words through social media, as long as people can accept it and the words have an acceptable meaning.

Many words we use today, such as selfies, twerk, lol, srsly (seriously), tweetchat, emoji, hashtag, and other words are born from the Internet. These new words are getting a little “out of control”, and some people always feel like they need to “study” these new words before they get into the social media world (“Social Media Slang”, n.d.). Oxford dictionary online now accepts words that are most used online by users and puts these words as part of the “English vocabulary” (Poh, n.d.). Here are some new words created by social media in 2016.

  1. JOMO— “Joy of missing out”. This word can be used when send out the party invitation “without fear of missing the event” (Willgress, 2016).
  2. Throw shade — To make a public show of contempt for someone or something,
  3. Dude food — Junk food (especially junk food appealing to men).
  4. Trumpism — “(1) the policies advocated by the US politician Donald Trump, especially those involving a rejection of the current political establishment and the vigorous pursuit of American national interests (2) a controversial or outrageous statement attributed to Donald Trump” (Willgress, 2016).
  5. Uberization— The business model describes the direct connection between customers and business through mobile device (Willgress, 2016).






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