Space Race: Part 2?

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As many children growing up in America, just barely learning about the wonders of space and the wonders that the cosmos hold, we all dreamt of setting off into spaceships of our own and heading out and venturing to where no man (or woman) has gone before.

But on April 15, 2010, President Obama had canceled the space program for an unforeseeable future. All seemed lost for a good while. But fortunately, about six years later, Obama restarts the space program, hoping to explore Mars. And that’s where the main story for this blog goes.

When Elon Musk isn’t making more innovations with electric cars at Tesla, he is determined to send man to Mars as soon as he can. With his revitalization of Spacex after some… minor setbacks, Musk is going to give it another shot come January with yet another Falcon 9 rocket. It seems that Musk is truly the kid that followed his dreams into setting off to space and exploring the great unknown, the dedication is admirable.

What’s to say that Spacex and NASA shouldn’t team up and collaborate on different ideas and technology and help achieve this goal together and set off into something that will make history for all of mankind. With both organizations and talents there could lead to faster innovation, better cooperation and something that will possibly start another space race.

Though it’s fairly certain that if there were to be another space race, this generation’s space race would probably be a lot more cooperative than competitive. Maybe the countries can put their heads together and gather their best scientists and astronauts (or cosmonauts?) forth and explore in the name of science. Sort of like Armageddon, but with like… less explosions.

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