Whats app are you trying to be like Snap Chat?

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By Jomaris Santana

As y’all know, Whats app is owned by Facebook. Also, you guys know Instagram is owned by Facebook as well. The point here is that both social media platforms are part of Facebook company. So, what is the difference between Instagram and Whats app? Well, Whats app is more like a chat/ messaging platform and Instagram is more about images.

Anyway, the point on this blog is that Whats app is trying to be just like Snap Chat. Why am I saying this? Well, I was chatting with my friend the other day, and I noticed something different on this app. When you’re sending a picture and/or video you have options to personalize your message. Yes… you can draw, write a text and add emojis on your pictures and videos, basically the same thing that you can do with Snap Chat. Am I surprised about this updated version? I am not, because I knew Whats app needed something to compete with Snap Chat. Let’s be honest most of the people are using this Whats app, because it could save you a lot of money. What I mean with this? Well, you can chat with everyone without internet data on your phone, just with WIFI. Another advantage of this app is you could be able to travel the world, and not matter where you at, you could have calls and messages without paying extra money to your cellphone company. Also, you can be able to do so group chats just using WIFI.

As I said before, I’m not surprised about this new feature on this app, because is owned by Facebook, and be similar that Snap Chat could be a great benefit for this company. I’m wondering what’s next for Whats app. What new features could have this call/messaging app? Maybe the new feature will be related to story… Well, we don’t know that…

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