By Emily Pribanic

We are all very familiar with the largest search engine in the world. But the Google we’ve known and loved for the past 20 years is changing in a huge way. From being just a search engine in the late nineties and early 200s, Google is about to become so much more.


I was very curious where the founders of Google came up with the name. The word “googol” is the name of the number one followed by 100 zeros and Google is a play of words of that word. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the creators of Google, were nerds to the max, and thank God they were! In 2003 Google was added to the dictionary after becoming an everyday used word.

Brief History

In 2002 Google introduced cost-per-click pricing, changing the way we advertise online. In 2007 Street view was introduced revolutionizing the way we see the world and get around. Google joined Twitter in 2009 and in 2010 Google announced they refuse to be apart of any government restricting information to their people. Google was started to organize endless amounts of information, and it’s nice to see the company is sticking with their original philosophy.

The Future

Google is now much more than just a search engine. Recently, they have claimed to run completely on renewable energy by next year, 2017. Google relies mainly on wind energy to help power is enormous company but also uses a bit of solar to help. In 2015, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, used over 5.2 terawatt hours of energy. That is enough energy to power almost half a million homes for a year. With this much energy being used, Google needs all the renewable energy it can get. Google has also announced the launch of their drone program in 2017. Google is calling the program Project Wing and they plan to use drones to deliver goods to customers right at their door.

Google AI?

With all the genius behind Google, they’ve already been working on robots and have had talks about possible AI in the future. Is this a good idea though? With the two men that started Google I wouldn’t have any worries but they won’t live forever and who knows who might one day take over the company. Look at who we’ve just voted into office. In America, anything’s possible. I just hope we aren’t all quoting The Simpsons one day when Lisa says, “Google, you have enslaved half the world, but you’re still a damn fine search engine.”




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