By: Joseph Osula

The soccer industry is one of the biggest if not the biggest industry worldwide. This industry is worth billions and billions of dollars worldwide. This is due to the fact that this sport is played annually between most countries in each continent that includes, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Therefore when it was announced in May of last year that the Unites States justice department was coming down on with indictments on 14 top FIFA officials, according to the Washington post “it was really a big deal to learn that there was a huge bribery and corruption going on, on a massive scale”. To make matters worse this top FIFA official were arrested publicly with lots of paparazzi around to take pictures; this was really devastating and embarrassing to the image of FIFA. imageIt was revealed that there was massive evidence of these officials taking millions of dollars in bribes to influence clothing sponsorship contracts, the FIFA presidential election, and the selection process for the World Cup. To try to restore their image FIFA toke numerous steps, which were well received. First of all the president was forced to resign then the executives voted in a new president and also passed various measures that were, according to CNN “designed to limit the authority of the new president and his deputies and end the patronage and waste that previously happened”. Then they focused on new recruitment policy for FIFA staff will be established with a focus on diversity and gender equality, executives also voted on salary disclosure for top executives and the compensation of committee members and key management personnel. With all these measures I think they were able to restore most of their credibility due to the fact that they made all these measures all open to the public. However they were not really successful in defending their image due to the fact that they were publicly shamed with a lot of evidence. I think it was quiet obvious that FIFA top official acted unethically and acted consequentially. We now know all these top officials were only worried about all the benefits they were getting from the corruption. They really never cared about the job that they had. This job was just a means to an end for them. Moreover to make sure that their image was not totally tarnished they tried to make sure they did not interject in these investigations portraying some transparency to the public. Overall through their response processes we find out that they are bring a little bit of the credibility and image that they had.



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