Cat Memes

By: Jessica Donaldson

Memes have become a huge form of entertainment and communication in the past few years. Memes are everywhere. One of the most popular types of memes now are cat memes. You see these things everywhere. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and just about any social media platform you can think of. People use cat memes to convey anything from the Monday blues to how much they love someone. They are becoming a universal language on the internet.

There are so many different types of at memes. One of the classic is the grumpy cat meme. This one has become so popular that the cat featured in it literally goes on meet and greet grumpy-cattours and makes appearances at celebrity events. Another classic cat meme is Nyan Cat. It started as a cartoon but people have been dressing they’re cat up like him and making new memes and videos of it all the time. Another popular one is cat bread memes where you tear a hole in a piece of bread and put it on a cat’s face. I’ve seen countless various of this one whether it’s a viral picture or just something my friend posted of their own cat.

I think cat memes are cool because they bring people together. They are one of the few types of memes that all ages of internet users enjoy. If I sent a Kermit the frog meme to my Granny she would be utterly confused, but she sends me cat memes regularly. Everybody loves a good cat meme. Cats are prime content because they just do funny relatable stuff. People joke about how the internet has just become an endless tube of cat videos, but what’s so wrong with that? Cat videos and cat memes make people happy, and when there is so much negativity and hate being spread around the internet I think a little positivity.

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