Fashion Week and Social Media


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By Ghadah Alhazzaa @__ghadah___

Back in the 90’s, Fashion Week was an exclusive event where you hear about it but only see photographs of models and celebrities attending it on the covers of major magazines. People like us dreamt of attending such extravagant event. It wasn’t until social media and the blogging phenomenon, that we started getting glimpse of what its like. I remember the closest I got to experience a fashion show was turning on FASHION TV. Designer’s collections were very exclusive that we would have to wait for it to hit stores or magazines. Getting invited to a show was not easy. The only way you can get an invite is if you’re a famous person or a retail buyer. Enter social media marketing. In this age, social media is everything! Bloggers and the so called “social media influencers” are in every fashion show, documenting every outfit and moment on the Internet. From personal blogs to Instagram, you have a full access to fashion shows.Social media nowadays is giving us live coverage (thanks to Snapchat), back stage access, and even the hair and make up process.


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The social media industry is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Designers will invite bloggers with front row seats for more exposure. In my opinion, Fashion Week is not just about the clothes anymore. It has become more of a social event where you want to be seen. Social media has helped the public to get full access and current updates of major exclusive events such as Fashion Week. Street Style photographers are documenting every moment online, so basically we (normal people) have front row seat as well to all the glitz and glam of fashion shows. The social media phenomenon has definitely helped us stay current with trends; however, one might think it took away the excitement and the magic of Fashion Week because it has become very accessible.


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