Brands Using Live Stream to Engage the Consumer

By Taylar Gomez



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Consumers today are constantly connected to many social networks at once, where they can read content in real time. Users want more online experience that they feel they are apart of. Users would rather be at an event, not hear about it three days later. The trend of live streaming and real time video ads will only grow in popularity as we move further into 2017.

Last year Facebook launched their live video option and began testing real time video ads. The ads appear in the users news feed as they are watching the live video. This strategy allows brands to be where the consumers are and gain their full attention. According to Digiday, Benefit Cosmetics saw a major increase in consumer engagement when it ran a live campaign called, “Brow Hour.” This form of native advertising is camouflaged into the Facebook user’s feed and does not come off as intrusive as most banner ads.

Instagram has released its’ own form of live video, where the user is able to see what their friends are doing in real time. Companies and brands have now taken this opportunity to use the live broadcast to conduct native marketing to their consumers. According to Business News Daily, hosting a Q&A or broadcasting a tutorial on their product has proven to be a winning marketing strategy. This is a more effective way for the brand to reach their customer, because they are taking part of their customers every day life. This live broadcast allows customers to learn more about their favorite brands on their favorite platform. Another reason brands are using live video to market has do with the impermanence of the content. Brands are able to create a live broadcast without worrying about the details of a lasting post. Brands can show content for a short amount of time, without committing to a lasting post. The videos humanize the brands and allow for a raw behind the scenes look to their customers

Live video advertising is sure to progress as the year goes on. Every day more brands are taking on digital trends that allow them to become closer to their customers. The best way to do that is to be apart of their customers’ lives and know exactly what they are doing and when they are doing it.









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