How I Finally Came to Enjoy Twitter

Since the dawn of Twitter, I had failed to see the appeal of scrolling through hundreds of tweets a day. It always felt like I was endlessly swiping through my timeline until I found a tweet that I recognized from the day before just in case there was that one tweet that I just couldn’t live without seeing. At times, my addiction to consuming media made it feel as though Twitter was holding me prisoner until I found that one story that would satisfy my lust for a juicy story, or maybe that one meme that got more than a heavy exhale out of my nose.


However, this past week I discovered one of the many secrets to using Twitter that I wish I knew a long time ago. I was introduced to Twitter lists. Twitter lists allow you to create groups of twitter profiles into one place so you can narrow down a timeline into certain groups of tweets. Want to see what news you missed while you were at work? Make a list for that. Want to scroll through all of your cat videos and hilarious memes without any buzzkills? Make a list for that. You can even make a list for twitter accounts that you don’t necessarily want to follow but would like to check in on every once in a while.

The discovery of Twitter lists made it so that I can finally use Twitter again without fear of information overload, the primary reason I could never really enjoy twitter (turns out the human brain can handle about 30 tweets per hour before it actually starts to slow down). Now I can actually use Twitter without having to limit my following to 20 or so twitter accounts. I can use Twitter without having to worry about missing the best tweets of the day. But best of all: I can finally enjoy using Twitter.


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