Google Improving in a Timely Manner

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Google Improving in a Timely Manner

By: Michaela Bull



Native advertising is used in every screen you will interact with today. The strategy refers to a frequently used camouflaged advertisement. You may not be aware that you are viewing these ads but that’s the intent. Native advertising is embedded and sprinkled throughout your searched websites, browsers, and apps. The ads are often tailored to you and purposefully customized to your overall demographic. This can be commonly seen through the same format as your preferred web content and on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Native ads are also verbalized to you through YouTuber’s you watch and celebrities you follow. When someone is selling you a product or experience so naturally that you question if they are even selling it to you at all, you are most likely looking at a native advertisement.


Google is introducing this incredibly effective and popular advertising strategy of native video advertisement onto mobile platforms. The company is utilizing both mobile search and video to create the most effective experiences. Through this expansion, major mobile publishers are itching at the opportunity to utilize this tool.


At the same time, Google is also expanding its Exchange Bidding format to mobile apps. Google’s Exchange Bidding program, DoubleClick was implemented a few years ago and has been incredibly successful since. The program allows for publishers to bid on key words and terms to be associated with so that their brand or company pops up on your screen first when such key words are mentioned. An example of this would be if Vogue were to bid on the word “fashion”, their brand would be promoted whenever the word is mentioned or searched in the form of native advertising. The expansion of DoubleClick onto mobile devices has increased demand and competition for mobile publishers and now allows them to put multiple exchanges up, increasing their chances to be recognized by a larger audience to ultimately improve conversion rates.


Google’s overall intentions are to increase the speed of the mobile experience for the user. Any experience that lasts more than three seconds to load is one that will fail the consumer. Increasing native video advertisement for the mobile user and expanding the exchange bidding capabilities for the publishers will ultimately improve the industry



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