Growing Social Media Presence for the Puppy Bowl


Image from Town and Country Gazette

By: Makayley Lindsey

Does the Super Bowl have some competition chasing its tail? Well, maybe not quite yet, and of course probably never will, but that doesn’t mean the Puppy Bowl doesn’t have a lot of people watching. While the Puppy Bowl has become popular in recent years, it has yet to surpass the number of viewers of the American-loved Super Bowl. In 2016, the Puppy Bowl had 10.4 million viewers, while the Super Bowl had 114 million viewers.

The Puppy Bowl has had a growing social media presence over the years, and is predicted to have an even larger audience in 2017. Leading up to the Puppy Bowl, which airs on Super Bowl Sunday, Animal Planet uses #PuppyBowl in order to show videos of the puppies giving their Super Bowl winner prediction and also shares adorable pictures of the competitors anxiously awaiting the air of the Puppy Bowl.

Viewers of the Puppy Bowl can interact on Twitter also by using #PuppyBowl and #AnimalPlanet in order to talk about recent plays or who they believe is the cutest competitor.

Animal Planet’s tweeting correspondent, Meep the Bird, is a main part of the Puppy Bowls social media presence. According to their press release, during just one day, @meepthebird gained 21,000 followers and the account also received many marriage proposals. The Puppy Bowl has also passed many prime time television shows social media engagements with their hash tags and live streaming videos.

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So why is the Puppy Bowl so popular on social media? The Twitter accounts that are currently using #PuppyBowl are posting pictures of their own dogs/puppies and saying how excited they are for next Sunday.



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