How Social Media Impacts Politics

Here are a few ways in which social media has impacted Politics over the years.

By Amairani De La Sancha


  1. The use of immediate messaging mediums like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Now we use Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube to check up on candidates. By using these mediums of social media officials can appeal to voters so they can A) Become more popular and B) Get elected into office. Here they have direct contact with citizens in their communities and can briefly discuss issues with them within a matter of seconds.

Having this immediate contact with Politicians makes individuals feel that they are being listened to and therefore have a say in what constitutes them. When policies get overlooked they can immediately tweet or message their elected officials to try to resolve the issue.

  1. Helps with Controversy

If another candidate accuses them of certain things or basically says anything negative about them they can address the nation directly by using their social media platforms. They either have their own publicist or group of people who run their social media accounts. Fake news is out there in the open and people who use social media and don’t do research on a candidate may believe those fake facts. If politicians continue to use their platforms correctly during their campaigns or anytime something comes out about them than they can hopefully turn everything around for them.

  1. Attracts young voters to be involved

With the use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. they can reach younger audiences across the nation. Politicians want to get everyone to talk about them so that they’ll discuss issues related to their cause or just to get people talking.

  1. There is power in numbers

When people unite online and discuss issues and petitions close to their hearts they can form an online group and can ignite great changes. For instance, right now with President Trump’s policies people all over the world are getting together to protest and speak out against his polices.

There have been talks about future online voting in the coming years since Social Media platforms will continue to grow. Changes in Politics are going to expand as well because we have a new President who likes tweeting about his policy plans and thoughts he has on them.


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