Live NFL Games through Twitter

In the United States, we truly do love our sports. As Texans, we especially love our football. This year Twitter decided to air Thursday Night Football games live streamed through their app. It may not seem as significant to the people who either don’t care for sports or for football but it was a bold and overall successful move for Twitter. As a beneficiary of the innovative new live streaming of NFL games, I’ve found it to be convenient in three main contexts to those who’ve used and experienced the live streaming as well. First, Thursday lands on a weekday, which means many people (regardless of the fact Thursday Night Football is usually aired in the late evenings) are at work, leaving work, or just arriving from work. Any which person which falls in any of those categories, yet not limited to, may not have direct access to watch their team play on a television. In that case, being able to stream the game directly to your phone through Twitter, even if it’s just a quick glimpse, won’t cause you to miss that 62-yard run for a touchdown! Second, if some of the NFL’s fan base wasn’t already active on Twitter, maybe the addition of that live stream would help those people become more engaged and interact among the app. Third, some people simply don’t have access to those channels, and what better way to remove the stress of not being able to obtain access to see the games you wish to by watching it for free while you’re on the go or at home. In the never-ending debate of the pros and cons of the rise time consumption one spends on social medias, the opportunity for live football through an app is to be listed as one of those pros. Social media doesn’t have to be simply for selfies or posting you saw a squirrel outside, but can play as a passageway for you to engage with the things you love.

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