Making Your Musc Social by Chastany Beaver

The music industry is forever changing with the advancements of technology and social media. No longer having to pray on record labels for publishing deals, unknown artists utilize their social networks to get their music heard and build their brands as independent artists.

Being that I am an aspiring musical artist, I was curious on what the best methods or strategies were in using social media, what social platforms work the best for accomplishing that successful singer-songwriter career, and leaders’ prediction of social media and the music industry.

An article from explains that artist must create subscription service through their social media networks, and in order to have a profitable one “you need a loyal following, and to gain a loyal following, you need to leverage the benefits of social media engagement.” As an artist, you have to have engaging conversations with your followers, maximize different platforms, learn market, discuss other artists (or competitions), and maintain consistency with the content you publish.

The top 8 social media outlet to promote your music, as said on sonicbids blog, are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Vine
  • YouTube
  • Periscope


What surprises me the most is that SoundCloud is not a item on this list; however, I believe artist can still use their SoundCloud accounts to group their music together and share their songs individually through their platforms by linking them.

Music leaders have also made their predictions on what future direction the industry will see this year. On, digital marketing director for Atlantic Records, Yannick Peary says “labels will begin monetizing their digital audience similar to other major media publishers through programmatic ad exchanges and create new industry revenue streams.”

With the information provided, I would assume that the music industry would be one of the popular ones that need social media in order to live. New artists have to have a good following and consistent content that is relatable and that keeps their audience interested.


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