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Shanie Glasgow, January 29th 2017

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As we know, social media today has changed how we deliver news. There are many different platforms that news corporations can share their content. This includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

Before social media, to get your news you would have to sit down in front of the television and listen to the evening news to get your top stories. Now you can literally be anywhere on the internet to gather information. “News stories around the world are breaking first on platforms like twitter.” (Rich) For example, whenever the airplane landed in the Hudson, one person tweeted a picture about it and it went viral. Twitter was the first source talking about the plane crash.

When it comes to “journalists, they are now having to compete with average citizens for breaking news.” (Rich) Usually, any breaking stories now-a-days end up on social media first before being reported about on actual news websites and broadcasts (BMC). This can be both good and bad, depending on how you want to look at it. It’s good in instances such as the airplane landing the Hudson that I mentioned earlier. An example of it being bad is the amount of false information that gets put out. Whenever there was a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, there was a picture of a man, Mark Hughes, with a rifle that went around on twitter, saying that he was one of the suspects. When in reality, he had nothing to do with the tragic shooting that did happen. His life was put in danger and he had to make a statement on live television about how he was not one of the suspect.

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Mark Hughes

As somebody who uses social media regularly, I like that I can gather my information off of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. I am not always able to be home and sit down in front of the television, so social media has made it convenient for me to get my news anywhere at anytime.


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