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Twitter has been an ever evolving ground for spreading news and opinions around the globe with just a few simple taps of a smartphone keyboard. Recently Twitter has begun to take on a new sense of meaning, helping politicians.


Not so long ago in the United States a president or any elected official would have to hold a press-conference to highlight key agendas and policy making decisions, in the past couple of months newly elected president of the United States Donald Trump has been changing how the press and the people gets its news from him.



In many of the president’s speeches to the people he refers to news organizations such as CNN only as “the media,” it’s pretty clear to see by the president’s personal twitter that he does not trust news organizations to deliver his messages to the people of the United States. It would appear that President Trump has taken news coverage into his own hands, using the social media giant twitter.


According to author Nikki Johnson at the plugingroup Twitter is ranked fourth in the fifteen most popular social media sites. With 80% of its active users on a mobile device and only 77% of users outside of the United States and with an estimated combined following of 37.3 million followers from both his @POTUS twitter and his original @realDonaldTrump twitter, President Trump can reach nearly every citizen in the United States from any place with a decent internet connection.

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Trump no longer has to worry about the news media skewing his agendas, policies and social views. His problem will be whether or not he can control what he says when he isn’t confronted with a room full of journalist tossing questions his way. This new form of avoiding the media does bring up other questions however. What will happen to the field of journalism when they are no longer needed? And will other presidents after Trump follow this same trend?

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