Social Media and My Job- Cameron Harlow (Blog 1)

The Live Music Coordinator for the University Program Council (UPC) of UNT. That’s my job. What it entails? Broadly, choosing what artists/bands come to play for the students of the university to enjoy. Personal biases included. More specifically, however, I send emails, make mock-up posters of each event I host to send to our campus’s designing company, and put in publicity requests to our marketing team. I get to help choose what to Tweet to the world, what pictures to post to Instagram to bring in a crowd for each show, and what story to create for our Snapchat followers to watch.


Each artist or band that I choose to bring in gets personalized social media outreaches. For this upcoming week, the artist we are bringing, Tor Miller, has two music videos posted to Instagram, pictures of the poster we have created on Snapchat, and a slew of tweets saying things like, “Don’t miss @TorMillerMusic perform this Thursday in the Syndicate at 7 pm!..” All in all, each artist gets a lot of social media publicity.

UPC is more than just the live music shows we bring, though. There are different committees that focus on bringing educational events, arts and crafts events, and other forms of live entertainment. Each committee has to meet with our marketing committee. Then our marketing team creates a game plan with each committee leader (coordinator) to decide what social media strategy will bring the most number of students out to an event. A lot of effort goes into thinking of new ways to capture viewers attentions on different platforms instead of having them just skip right over it.

Sending out music videos of the bands we bring is a new strategy that we are hoping will work in our absolute favor; at least the sweet sounds of music should capture people’s attentions.

If I didn’t say and if you didn’t listen, Tor Miller is coming this Thursday at 7 pm in the Syndicate. Go. It’ll be worth your time.

And you’re welcome.

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