Social Media Forming Industries

By: KeAndra Hill


It’s no secret that social media has a driving influence on today’s society. Now many are receiving jobs just based of their social media presence and interactions.

In one case back in 2016, Brooklyn Beckham, sixteen-year-old son to David and Victoria Beckham, landed a job photographing for Burberry’s, at the time, latest fragrance campaign. The young man revealed this information through his Instagram and many became outraged with comments pertaining to this choice of photographer, stating that he only received the job due to his parents and that is an insult to other artist with the abilities. Burberry lashed back stating that the job was landed based off the young man’s talent and exposure that is vouched for through his over 5.9 million followers on Instagram.

This is just a reflection of how social media has influenced the fashion, art, and entertainment industries. And the influence is only growing larger, with every update and new addition to these platforms, social media is finding new ways to enhance their influences.

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Take Instagram Live for example, now users can stream videos in real-time on Instagram, allowing followers to stay even more connected and in to the personal lives of industry professionals. One designer, Tim Coppen, has actually decided to live stream his show through Instagram Live. The thing about Instagram Live is that once the video has streamed, the footage cannot be viewed again or replayed afterwards. The artist finds this to be most intriguing about the idea. It is a next level engagement for the ever-so- fast growing generations social media is set to target.

The level of consumer engagement has definitely made Instagram a favorite to the fashion industry. It is a very direct way to interact with consumers and allows for brand personalization to really be shown.



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