Trump’s Amerikkka

By: Ouwaseun Akinwale

In recent news one of Trump’s first orders of business as “POTUS” was to sign a bill in order to have a immigration ban. Which would not allow any refugees to enter the United States. Denying approximately 218 million people to enter the United States. The ban is specific to seven Muslim majority countries which would allow no entry from 90 days. Also it suspends admission for refugees for 120 days. United States District judge Ann Donnelly had blocked deportation for people stranded in U.S. Airports. gop_2016_ap_conversation_trump-jpeg-0399a_c0-201-5184-3223_s885x516

The seven countries affected are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. People who fit the description for the ban entering the United States had been stopped from boarding their flights even though they may have had valid visas and airline tickets. Some people that had flown into the U.S. were stopped and detained at the airport. Several airlines/ airports were scrambling to comply with the new ban. Many were stranded at the airport of foreign countries.

My personal opinion:

This country was built off the back of immigrants. Also it was stolen from the Native Americans. The simple fact that people are banned simply from being from a Muslim nation is absolutely ridiculous, unconstitutional and immoral. It’s horrible to judge a whole religion based on one person’s actions. It’s sad that a nation that’s a melting pot has started something that is simply distasteful and can’t be taken back because the damage had already been done. I have Muslim family members and many family members that are immigrants into this nation that worked hard to become citizens in such a wicked nation built off of the blood, sweat, and tears of the people that were stolen from our countries. Luckily many are protesting and posting their opinion on social media outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more.



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