Why Trump’s Presidency is a Joke

Well, when you read the title, you can guess what the subject is. Now granted, this is a blog post coming from a college student that classifies himself as republican, which sickens me at the fact that my political party decided to elect this man as its representative. Here, I will explain the (not so) good, the ugly bad, and the god awful ugly reasons why Trump needs to lay off the social media and stick to the oval office.

The Not-So Good

So, what made Trump such a goofy candidate in this election was the fact that he held no experience in any form of government prior. His sole profession before he just magically decided to run for office was simply a businessman that was imbedded into the real estate industry from his father’s real estate company. The only accreditation anyone can give him is the fact that he knows his way into the financial side of spending, and even if that, he still has had multiple failed ventures such as Trump University. As the phrase states, “There goes the neighborhood,” except the neighborhood in this case would be our government spending.

The Ugly Bad

When someone speaks out in front of a group of people, they want to make a phenomenal first impression. By accomplishing this goal, they simply cannot say anything that would come off as controversial or offensive. Donald J. Trump most likely looks at this idea as foolish, when the ironic fact of the matter is that he himself has been nothing but offensive throughout his entire campaign. He has continuously made remarks against the Hispanic community, the Muslim community, and many women across the country through simple videos of him displaying his own opinion. Now we don’t want a president like that, do we?

The God Awful Ugly

What makes Donald Trump so damn ugly is not just his beer belly in his suit, but it’s more of the fact that his personality and attitude is going to get this country into trouble. China and North Korea (two nations with powerful resources such as food, weaponry, etc.) have both come out and stated that they will not hesitate into going to war against the United States. I don’t know about the rest of the population, but I am not trying to involve myself into a third world war where human existence just might not survive. For me to somewhat support Trump, he first must understand that the lifestyle of the common man has changed and to stop going on social media such as Twitter to voice his own personal disbelief.


To sum it all up, this man is our president, but that does not mean we should like it. Check out some other links below with more information on this clown of a leader



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