YouTube: Changing the Game

By: Nathan Cooper

YouTube was created about twelve years ago and since then it has become one of the most visited sites daily. In class the powerpoint talked about how seventy-two hours of content is uploaded every minute to the site. YouTube has also made a good handful of people famous. This fame has landed them a lot of gigs all the way from starring in an advertisement to being invited to the White House. This is also the platform that many people choose to share their music on. There have been some very successful pop culture figures that made their start on YouTube such as Justin Beiber and Troye Sivan. A lot of the people who have gained fame from this platform also use social media to interact with their followers and give updates. An important strategic social media skill for these people to use is listening. If they want to maximize their engagement with their followers then they have to see what their audience is saying. In an article from the Huffington Post it talks about how YouTube has changed and revolutionized the entertainment industry. It goes on to say how a lot of major companies have YouTube channels and this helps their business thrive. To me this comes as no surprise, but whenever I talk to my mom or grandma about it they said that ten years ago they would have never believed that it would ever become something that professional companies use. YouTube has also influenced how companies interact on social media and in some cases have ushered those companies into the age of social media. YouTube continues to expand in popularity and has influenced a wide variety of fields and is not going anywhere anytime soon.


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