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Hey class! My name is Jasmine Ibanez, and I just wanted to take the time to talk about some issues that I feel are important to share.

A few days ago, I watched a Facebook video of a sentimental mother sharing her story about her little boy and a his classmate. In the video, the mother explained that her son had been asking her to make him two school lunches instead of his usual one meal. It turns out, her little boy had been asking for an extra lunch because a classmate would sit alone and eat nothing but a fruit cup for lunch. The boy’s mother was touched and refused when the other boy’s mother offered to pay her back. Instead, the mothers raised money together and donated the money to pay the overdrawn lunch accounts the kids had at the school.

(You can read the full story here!)

This video actually made me upset. How is it that millions and millions of people pay thousands of dollars in taxes each year and their children can’t even get a decent meal at school. I remember my lunches would LITERALLY be molded bread on a sandwich and brown apple slices usually accompanied by an expired milk. I’m not joking. My school would  make kids actually pay for this food.

In this picture below I acquired from ViralYak, you can see a comparison of school lunches around the world. (A little disclaimer, the USA lunch in the picture looks so much better than what we were given when I was in high school and the portions look significantly bigger.)


As you can see, the USA lunch looks significantly unhealthier and less balanced, something growing kids need from their meals. On top of having unhealthy, rotten food choices, TAXPAYER CHILDREN HAVE TO PAY FOR THESE MEALS!!

In my personal opinion, children should not have to pay for a standard school lunch. If kids do not have the option to miss public school without repercussions, feeding a child should not be an option for a school.

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