Snapchat’s Recent Update Unveils QR Codes, Linking to Websites

Source: Social Media Today

January 31, 2017 Jennifer Atanasoff

Remember when you couldn’t even buy a Dr. Pepper at McDonald’s without catching that little QR code on the side? Companies that weren’t really known for being “tech savvy” had QR codes just to be clever, get your attention, and make it look like they were “cool”. We haven’t seen them in a while

Anyway, they’re baaaack.

Snapchat’s latest update unveiled QR codes. QR Snapcodes direct users to websites that other users choose to share, a company or brand will benefit from this feature. The process seems to be simple. In the photo above, you can find the Snapcodes feature in the settings. (To get to your settings: click on your Bitmoji in the upper left corner, a new screen will pop up-then click on the little pinwheel-looking button)

After you’ve found your settings (and your Snapcode feature), you may create your personalized Snapcode. Just enter the URL to your website, even add an image if you want, and that’s it, you’ve got your QR Snapcode.

This update has been a feature that marketers have been wanting from Snapchat for a while. This update is actually really neat because you can develop your own QR code right through the app. This makes things for marketers a lot easier. It is also easy for people like you and I to use. Bloggers can use this to direct their friends to their work.

It’s probably important to note that these fancy QR codes are sort of similar to your Snapcode for your profile. Snapcodes for user’s profiles make it easier for friends to add each other. To add a friend through their profile Snapcode, have them get their Snapcode from the settings menu, and just focus your lens on their code to instantly become friends!

What website will you link to your QR Snapcode?

Sources: Social Media Today, Tech Crunch


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