What a miserable life!!!

by Carol Paiz.

Okay no, it’s not that bad living in the 21 century, but the university of Salford conducted a study where 50% of the participants said: “social networks make their lives worse“. Now, why would that be? well if you think about it gives you insight to millions of other people’s lives, you can find out where they live, what they do for fun, or what type of dog they have! You are constantly comparing your life with others and sometimes when you’re a broke 21-year-old college student, your life may not be so glamours as others. Well okay so maybe your self-esteem might be hurt a bit but isn’t having these small computers on our phones amazing?! have you noticed when waiting for something or someone, for example waiting for class to start, the first thing we do is whip out our phones? yeah maybe you are just uncomfortable with people, but really those few minutes you could have started a quick convo with the person next to you. Don’t get me wrong, I believe social media is awesome, but I think we have lost a bit of the human touch to our daily life. We get sucked into a screen that is in front of us that we forget who is around.



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