Women In PR

February 1, 2017

By: Karsyn Scherer

As a female who is nearing the end of her college career, I have wondered what it will be like for me in the workforce. I continuously hear how men dominate companies and there will always be a glass ceiling over my head. I refuse to accept this statement.

I will not allow men to be superior to me and I most certainly will not always have a glass ceiling haunting me. I am not alone in this belief, for Women In PR USA also shares this belief and focuses on advocating for women issues in public relations. They give women a variety of resources to ensure that they get as far as they can in their careers.

My public relation courses are dominated by women, so it perplexed me when I was told I would not get as far as men in the same career field. I am unsure why there is a surplus of women in public relations, but I would assume it has to do with the fact that public relation specialists have to communicate and relate to their clients. Women tend to have a more nurturing side and therefore those qualities help them in the public relations industry.

Even though there are a multitude of women in the field, the agencies still tend to be run by men. Why do men get to be the leaders while women are the workers? I think it is time women are considered for higher positions. Agencies that also had women as leaders had higher returns on shareholders and equities by more than a third.

So I ask you, why are women not regularly considered for top positions? It is time we consider the benefits of women leaders. Let’s give them a chance and see what they are capable of. I reject that we should have a glass ceiling. Glass can break. I certainly intend to break that glass.



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