Social Media: How NFL players are using it to increase brand awareness

By Cesar Valdes


A handful of NFL players are taking advantage of not only the general media, but also social media to help increase their own companies, brands, or grass root efforts. It’s also interesting to see a higher presence in brand ownership among NFL players compared to the NBA and MLB, where contracts are structured to guarantee higher amounts of money to players, not to mention that the MLB has no salary cap.

Players like Martellus Bennett and Marshawn Lynch have both taken advantage of the Super Bowl media week as an opportunity to promote their companies and their agendas.

Bennett, who founded the Imagination Agency, a firm that specializes in creating books, movies, clothing apparel for children, and promotion of childhood creativity, has consistently promoted his firm on his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts. Not to mention his promotion through Sunday Night Football’s player intro.

Where Bennett differs from others is in his interaction with people on Twitter. Bennett consistently responds to fans of his product line and even took some advice in search engine optimization.

Bennett is part of the new age of people in the marketing industry. He understands that the old fashion way of promoting a brand  is not as effective as the new norm is.

The funny thing about this is that nearly every single prominent professional athlete can have the same, or more, amount of success that Bennett has in doing whatever they feel like publicizing (funding public schools, giving back to communities, brand promotion, etc.), but they chose not to for whatever reason.

It’s not enough to have monthly or weekly updates and interactions on social media to make your message most effective, it requires a routine effort to make that kind of impact, and that’s the way the rest of the world is moving towards.



(photo credit: Jae Jung, Forbes)



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