How Social Media Has Boosted Kanye West Brand

Written by Erin Kennard

How cool can you look wearing a pair of Yeezy 350 Boost? These shoes, “Yeezy” are the hottest sneakers out right now and the most expensive. The retail price of Kanye West signature sneakers “Yeezy” are 220 dollars, but usually they sellout in about 2 hours and the resell price is around 800-1200 dollars. These shoes are the hottest commodity in the sneaker industry right now. Celebrity from Justin Bieber to Barack Obama have wore a pair of Yeezys publicly. From Instagram to Twitter and Tumblr I can’t scroll down my TL without seeing a beautiful edited picture of a millennial wearing a pair. These shoes are the essentially the I’m cooler than you because I have a pair shoes of the year.

A lot are the images are just simple pictures of customers holding a pair of the Yeezy shoes, but this has become a trend.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 9.25.34 PM.png

I’ve never seen a shoes have this much social media success. You literally can take a photo of your shoes and receive hundreds of likes. The publicity for these shoes are very positive, I rarely heard or see anyone bashing the Yeezy shoe. “We” as millennials love to make our social media accounts seem way cooler than we actually are. The Kanye West brand has a high shock value and post anything about Kanye can give our social media account more attention.

Kanye West shoe collections is one facet of his brand, his music, performances,  verbal rants, and lifestyle causes trending social media attention. Kanye West’s Life of Pablo tour cause a lot of social media attention. Kanye West performance aren’t your typical rapper performance. He doesn’t just stand on the stage and rap, their are usually many props and dancers involved. The Life Of Pablo tour Kanye West performed on a floating stage. This caused a lot of people to post pictures of these performance of their social media accounts. I even participate by posting a picture of his concert in Dallas to my twitter account.


Kanye West has the most impact of social media in the world, second to Donald Trump.









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