Warby Parker Sees Crystal Clear When it Come to Social Media


Credit: WarbyParker.com

Written by Channing Nuttall

           Warby Parker is an eyewear company with a vision to provide people with an afforable alternative to the Luxxotica monopoly. Warby Parker manages to offer less expensive eyeglasses and donate a pair each time one is purchased.


Credit: WarbyParker.com

          While I was waiting for the site to come up during maintenance, Warby Parker pointed me to Private Eyes by Hall & Oats. I found it comical that they pointed me to that song and ended up not caring that I temporarily could not access their products. This is an example of how they integrate social into their site for a seamless experience.


Credit: Warby Parker Facebook

            Warby Parker is king when in comes to integrating content into their promotions on social. They recently opened a store in Philidelphia and had a video of the best spots to read in the city. The idea of finding places to read goes hand in hand with an eyeglass company.


Credit: Warby Parker Twitter

           Warby Parker also engages heavily with their audience. This helps customers feel as if they are heard and quickly resolves customer service issues. It is powerful that they respond to both positive and negative posts on social media because it allows customers to feel connected with the brand. The eyewear company also frequently uses User Generated Content or UGC, this is powerful because it allows the customers to relate more to an actual customer rather than simply models. Warby Parker took UGC farther than most companies because it did more than ask its fans to post photos with a hashtag; it actually used their photos. This allows the consumers to help shape the brand they desire.

The eyewear company also utilizes video on social platforms to its full potential. They make videos about the people that are helped by their buy one, give one model which allows customers to feel the positive impact of their purchase. They also have comical videos that blend advertising for their eyewear with comedy to increase user engagement.

Overall, Warby Parker does a great job of creating content that users want to see, allowing customers to shape the brand, and engaging with their audience through social.

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