Brady Drives Pat’s To Victory : A Come Back For The Ages

Tuning into the Super bowl like countless others in the nation, I took notice to the atmosphere. Patriots quarter back Tom Brady four star Super bowl Champion was set to face off against Matt Ryan, who had helped to give the Falcons a great season. The odds were , for obvious reason, stacked against the Falcons. From the start of the game you could feel the energy. As each team hit the field they laid it all on the line to see who had what it took to be the Champ. The first quarter started with little going on as energy was just starting to come about near the end. The Falcons coming into the second quarter with a strong energy forced a turnover on downs after the initial reception of the Patriots . They followed threw with this momentum by pushing the lane straight to the goal. The Falcons continued carrying their momentum shutting the Patriots down once more and forcing yet another turnover on downs and going for the goal again. Just when the Patriots thought things couldn’t get any worse Robert Alford swoops in to make an interception and takes it straight home leading the game into half-time and the Patriots with 3 points to the Falcons 21. With such a lead, the odds shifted to giving the Patriots .5% chance of making a come back.

Tom Brady

In the third quarter we watched as the light in Patriot fans in the stands began to dim. As the Patriots were finally able to drag in a surprise touch down the Falcons countered with a touchdown as well. Social media lit up as Brady standing third and long with no open man ran chasing and achieving a first down. This seemed to spark something inside the Patriots and they drove the ball down the field for a touch down. From there a two point conversion and just like that the momentum was set. The Patriots carried that momentum with their defense shutting down the Falcons offense until the fourth and final quarter . As tension grew high you could see Matt Ryan trying hard to get one more touch down and just the same for Brady. In the end Brady was able to push the ball to the end zone and grab hold of a controversial two point conversion pushing them into the Super bowl’s FIRST overtime in history. The Patriots won the coin toss and chose to receive . As tensions were high Tom Brady showed he deserved his title driving the ball up the field pass by pass leading his team to victory and going down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time .


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