Generation X Lagging Behind on Social Media

Photo Credit: BY TEENSAFE

By: Kenya Mavhera

As we all known it, social media as well as technology is rapidly changing. It can no longer be measured in generations, or even years, but in months. New social media apps are released monthly and millennials are the first to come across them. So what does this mean for our parents? “Generation X” as they call themselves.

Statistic shows that over 50% of parents admitted that their children know more about the internet and social media then they do. As this comes to no surprise, we truly can’t blame Generation X for their lack of knowledge on this rapidly growing technology. When I think of social media I picture a train quickly passing on by, you either jump on board and attempt to keep up or you simply get left behind. This wasn’t always the case though. Just in the last 15 years cell phones have drastically changed going from land lines, to flip phones, to smart phones. With all these changes and more to come how can Generation X keep up, you may ask? Fortunately enough, there is tons of step by step information to keep parentals up to date with the new tech savvy apps. The game is changing, parents now come to their children for help on using new technology and social media apps.

Facebook is a prime example of an app that has been taken over by Generation X. By the time they finally realized how to maneuver around Facebook, send friend requests to their kids, and update their statuses, Millennials were already on to the next big thing. Generation X has come a long way, over 60 million are frequently using the internet as well as social media apps. This generation shouldn’t be underestimated. Just in their lifetime technology went from huge block cell phones to tiny hand held smart devices. As millennials we can’t speak too soon, before we know it we will be having children of our own and a new generation will form. Technology will continue changing and we will find ourselves at the train tracks, either jumping on board and adapting to new social media or getting left behind.


Photo Credit:Terry Doyle


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