Glam Stars Finesse Social Media


Glams Stars Finesse Social Media

By Kaleen Washington

It seems these days just about anyone can make a name for themselves. Social media has essentially created a “how to brand yourself for dummies” guide and people are definitely buying. However,“beauty stars” have changed the game.

Make-up artists are one group that have taken social media and mastered it. From posting pictures of of their own glam work to creating short snippets of how they crafted certain “looks.” Make-up artists have also used hashtags to create movements such as, #MUA (make up artist) and #FACEBEAT. “Face beat” is a saying referring to how good the make-up looks. As it may sound ironic, there is no pain when getting one’s “face beat.”

While people are blowing up almost over night behind make-up on social media, gaining hundreds, thousands, and even millions of followers, they are ultimately creating a business. Brands are making these self proclaimed beauty stars the face of their brands. They receive free product and checks just to use their social media accounts and promote make-up. A check? For doing something they already do everyday? Sounds too good to be true! Well, you better believe it.

On top of social media being the perfect place for make-up artists, it is unbiased to gender identification, age, and color. If the art is popping, they don’t care who’s posting. They just want to know how they achieved that contour, or what highlight they used to get that “glow”. It is an industry that is pushing for inclusivity to all points. Even so, many major brands such Maybelline have welcomed male ambassadors to push their brands. And in a growing world, diversity is necessary to succeed.



Manny Gutierrez – Maybelline

Brand Ambassador

These beauty stars don’t see make-up as a tool of acceptance, yet a tool of art. It has taken the negativity of our image-based world and used it to their advantage. Helping those who may have skin problems, burns, or just personal insecurity a way to have fun with make-up instead of feeling insecure when using it.

These beauty stars have found the ultimate job, doing what they love, while inspiring others, all the while collecting a check. The ultimate level of social media mastered. Hats off to being beautiful and having brains!






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