How Adidas is Changing the Social Game For Women

By: Maia Wilson @maiawils

Adidas is one of my favorite brands and one I follow consistently on social media, so when I saw their new #Heretocreate campaign on Twitter, it was an obvious correlation with the Women’s movement in media and was surely a smart marketing move. Adidas has always been very forward and unique in their advertisements, but with this particular ad campaign the playfulness, and humor stood out in their connection to social media even in the commercials. Each fifteen second to thirty second commercial showcases a different leader in the world of fitness, not widely known for their athleticism including Karlie Kloss, Candace Parker, Caroline Wozniacki.


Source Credit: YouTube

According to Lia Vakoutis on Marketing Daily, their “goal is to really focus on continuous rapid-fire creativity with strategically placed video on social, and TV. They are created as a diverse group of stories that can be seen as a collection.” What makes these campaigns so compelling and current is how with every commercial relating to each girl their many Instagram posts are what is highlighted throughout the videos. This shows how powerful social media, especially Instagram is in relation to creating an individual’s personal brand as well as collaborating with a global company.

Another word from the senior director of global communications of Adidas on Advertising Age, she comments on how this year and moment in time is great to spotlight “this incredible squad of women with a really diverse group of storylines that are relatable to all athletes.” I would have to agree with that statement of how women are really speaking about equality, athletes being no different. And it is through the outlet of social media that creates a space for movements and companies to take a stance on the empowerment of women that reaches so large an audience. Adidas is one of many companies who are leading the change in the perception of women athletes whether they are tennis players, bicyclers, or even models.


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