Is SNL Taking Trump Bias Too Far?

By: Anna Maggio

I know what your thinking, not another Trump post but hear me out. Saturday Night Live has always been one of my favorite shows but I feel like it’s helping the uneducated form bias opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the rhetoric and comedy behind current event plot lines but it seems to have gotten out of control with Trump. For example, you’ve seen SNL for the past eight years “poke and fun” at Obama but nothing that portrayed doubt in his presidency. It seems that the show is taking full advantage of the sensitivity behind Trump and his current events and running with it, forgetting the traditional comedy of Saturday Night Live.


On February 4th, 2017, Alec Baldwin played his famous Donald Trump character sporting a Russian flag on his lapel instead of an American flag pin (Oval Office Cold Open – SNL). The scene is Trump speaking with his advisor, Steve Bannon, dressed as a skeleton wearing a black cloak representing “death.” Its like the media can’t even cut him some slack, he has been a president literally sixteen days. Trump taking advice from Bannon dressed as death portrays that he has little to no knowledge in his position as president; Therefore, America has no hope. All I’m saying is he is our president whether we like it or not so might as well give him the benefit of the doubt, I mean he was elected for a reason right?


A fake news cast bit at the end of every show called The Weekend Update, known for its coverage of current events and world wide news with sarcastic comedy, is probably the most popular part of Saturday Night Live. (SNL – The Weekend Update 2/4/2017) Lately they have been chopping up and framing real life events pertaining Donald Trump leaving out all of the facts, forming bias opinions. Once again, I love SNL and I base half my comedy on these bits but I truly feel like the negative connotation is overwhelming.

Media has a major influence on people’s aspects and perspectives. It can just be toxic to anybody who only watches SNL and doesn’t have their own “true point of view” of Donald Trump. It can cause anybody to have a negative outlook on him with SNL constantly bashing him and his presidency.





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