It’s only a matter of time before AI takes over social media and uses machine-learning, but which social media app is going to first to nail this concept?

By Jacqui Simses

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could someday be the next big thing to come in regards to technological development. AI is believed to eventually solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Along with this, with AI we can design systems that learn based on their environments and process data quicker. Overall the idea of AI is for machines to eventually be able to make decisions as humans do.

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How is AI Used in Social Media?

The functionality of AI has already been infiltrated in almost all major social media apps. One area where it would be with newsfeeds on these social media platforms such as Facebook. They use AI to curate the best possible newsfeeds for their individual users. Any interesting way social media and AI has been intertwining is the example of Wall Street firms that recently have been using algorithms (AI) to automatically buy or sell stocks based solely on what President Trump Tweets.

Along with the example of newsfeeds, AI and social media correlate with each other in areas such as advertising, where AI is used to take input user preferences (such as demographic or timing considerations) and find the best possible display options to encourage engagement.

AI Benefit of Dynamic Content

Content is fuel that keeps social media moving. But, nowadays users are more demanding of immediate, more personalized forms of content.  Twitter’s Moments, a consolidation of topic-based content from around the web, is an early example of “dynamic content” which can adapt immediately and intelligently, but it’s just the beginning of AI-based, spontaneously generated material.

AI and Social Media Influencing Ecommerce

Below is an infographic showing the influence of AI and social media in the ecommerce/digital retailing world.

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