Shopping for the perfect computer

Shopping for the perfect computer <link href=”” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet”>

So this topic deserves an objective approach as the needs and wants for the individual are unique and particular. This will be a simple introductory education for us and a good resource for others to share with their less tech savvy peps. Because, shopping for the perfect computer is all about being informed.

Major Components

CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage & Display

CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage & Display. What do these terms mean? how do they work together that will help me in finding the perfect computer? We’ll go over these a little later, but it’s a good idea to understand thecomputer-mouse-600x400se basic components in concept. Let’s begin!

Shopping for the perfect computer <link href=”” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet”>

The function of the CPU is to handle all the calculations/instructions. The faster the CPU the better for the programs that demand performance, (as examples) games, physic simulation, ray tracing, video editing, architectural visualization & audio engineering.

Web browsing, logo designing, office production software & media consumption are the current day target for all Laptop, Mac’s and PC’s manufacturers. Your perfect computer will be more effected by the other basic components. Let’s look at the next one – GPU.

Shopping for the perfect computer <link href=”” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet”>

The function of a GPU is to assist the CPU with any calculations/instructions by the people who designed your programs. Without going into detail here, only those who know what programs you/they will use should have knowledge of the minimum and recommended requirements for any support of a GPU. Personally if you need one, get a dedicated GPU (not “integrated” – on the CPU chip) with 4GB as a base.telegram_logo-svg

There are some small GPUs integrated directly on the CPU that are becoming more efficient, powerful and popular for the average consumer (and vendor to reduce cost). If the consumer enjoys blogging, casual gaming, consuming media & general office productivity. Then an integrated GPU may fit you well & the other basic components may be more important to find that perfect computer. Let’s look at the next one – RAM.

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