Social Media for Parents

Photo Credit: Heather Shumaker 
By: Nina Moreno 

2017 is here and so is a new era for Parents. As I sat across my sister in law, I figured she was overly obsessed with her twins.  But she wasn’t scrolling through pictures of her girls. Instead, she was staring at a live feed of them sleeping. Baby monitors have evolved with the cell phone. Parents can now download apps that connect with wi-fi monitors and can view the baby’s movements. Working Moms and Dads can stay connected and hear their every move.

Surprisingly, I thought it was pretty awesome. How in the world can an app transmit such great quality through a phone? And that’s not all. Parents now have high-tech baby gear. 4Moms is the newest innovative brand that allows apps, car seats, and strollers to synchronize via Bluetooth. With LCD screens on the equipment, your able to see temperatures, speed, and the percent of how charged the apparatus is. Although the products are expensive, parents are choosing to purchase 4Moms’ items because of the handy information that will keep their kids safe.

The bottom line is, parenthood, is getting easier. With Google and Youtube, you can search anything you want. According to Pew Research, over 59% of parents agreed to finding advice on the internet. From finding toy stores to getting reviews on car seats, the world wide web has it all.

But what if you don’t trust google? Facebook also has groups that parents are able to follow. Mothers are likely to engage with others to get an inside scoop but decades ago, that wasn’t even possible.

Instead, parents relied on doctors visits, remedies, and word of mouth, but today, the answers are awaiting with just a push of a button.

The concerns of a new parent can’t be over thought anymore. Everyones fairly active on social media and TV to figure out the ins and outs of things. Social Media for parents will continue to help them along the way of their child’s life, if not, even more.





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