Social Media Models have became something new…

By Tehquin Hampton

In recent years I have begun following people on social media that I would not consider house hold name celebrities or models that are actually posing in ads for magazines but they are “social media models”.  Just a few years ago the people with the biggest social media following would be celebrities, movies stars, and people like the Kardashians. Super models like  Gigi Hadid,  Kenall Jenner, and Cara Delelvinge were the first to be social media models displaying their glamorous lives for all of their followers but today there is a new and evolved social media model. Today’s social media models are not just taking selfies they displaying their lives and lifestyles and interests in artistic and interesting ways. They aren’t all celebrities and rich people either they are average people as well. Some of these people are not even displaying their own lives they are just personalities behind Instagram and twitter pages that just post entertaining and relatable memes. These social media models and personalities have millions of followers. I mainly follow interesting people on Instagram. I am interested in men’s fashion and fitness so I follow a lot of social media models that post about fashion and fitness. While most of these people are not household names if you have the same interests as me and are consistently on Instagram you would probably know, follower, come by some of the accounts that I follow. These social media models have also used their fame gained from within social media to profit. Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla on Instagram) has over almost 2 million followers on Instagram. Because of this popularity on Instagram and his great fashion sense he has now been featured in Hugo BOSS campaigns and has received huge exposure beyond just social media. It seems that social media is evolving the way people achieve fame and popularity and the people who achieve fame and popularity.



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