Super Bowl Commercials Vs. Game Time

This Sunday evening as we all prepare to watch the Super Bowl 51 some of us that are watching are mainly doing so to see the commercials that will be aired. Personally as much as I love sports and work for one of the richest franchise in this country; I will admit I only watch the Super Bowl for the ads. Shame on me, but come on, you have to agree that is the best part and of course the halftime show. Unless the Cowboys are in the Super Bowl I only care to see the commercials and the halftime performance.

Research has shown that Millennials are watching the commercials, not the game. So pretty much my generation. Ages 18 to 30 year olds were the only group polled that preferred Super Bowl commercials (26 percent) to the game itself (24 percent) according to a New HuffPost poll. Ten percent said the halftime show, 13 percent said they were not sure and 26 percent said they simply didn’t plan to watch the Super Bowl. All the young Americans could careless for the game while every older age group still prefers the game. If you think about it Super Bowl has become a holiday in America.


Are the commercials worth their value? According to Marketing Daily, the game is still the main attraction to most viewers. However, according to last year’s Super Bowl survey, there was an increase from 48% to 53% of viewers that mentioned they would be disappointed if the Super Bowl ever went commercialfree. We all know that would never happen. So is paying roughly $4 to $5 million for a 30-second ad spot worth it? The answer would be yes; the ads are still a huge part of the big game.

Now ask yourself this question, are you for the Super Bowl commercials or the action of the game? Which one has more value to you?


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