Super Bowl Entertainment

By Catherine Crump


In addition to watching the Super Bowl for love of the game, millions have been spent to ensure we will be thoroughly entertained even when the players are off the field. Because of the popularity of the event and the number of viewers, the game has traditionally inspired great commercials and strong marketing campaigns.

With the rising costs of purchasing time during the game, companies are augmenting their commercials with different strategic uses of social media. The reported cost of a thirty second advertisement spot during the game is five million dollars. It is not irregular for a company to spend twenty-five percent of their Super Bowl marketing budget promoting the commercial spots before the game to build awareness and buzz. This has been most effectively done via social media in recent years.

Real time game updates, product demonstrations and general engagement during the game without even spending the hefty amount required to get airtime has been beneficial and rewarding for companies using the right strategies. This may have the appearance of being “free”, and although the platform is free to use, the manpower behind some of the campaigns is costly. Frequently this is money worth spending to reach a crowd the size of which only the Super Bowl can draw.

The benefits to companies seem somewhat obvious, but what can go up may also go down and what seems like a good idea in planning doesn’t always pan out the way it was hoped. This was the case for BudLight last year when it promoted “The perfect beer for removing no from your vocabulary for the night.” on some bottles. This caused some backlash, which they promptly addressed. They were able to save the overall campaign by addressing this quickly.

I can’t wait to see what Super Bowl LI has in store for entertainment both on and off the field.

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