Take your nose ring out sweetie, we’re going to grandma’s

Blog post by: Macey Thompson

“Like for like?”, “I have to buy Kylie Jenner’s new lipstick line so I can look JUST like her!”, Is constantly what I hear every day from my cousins on social media. Keep in mind, my cousin’s are teenagers.

Young teens in the 21st century are affected by social media every day. Whether its Instagram, twitter or snap chat, they are surrounded by celebrities, models and teen pop stars, encouraging them day by day to fit the “image” every young teen needs to succeed at.

One trend that really bothered me was the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Supposedly if you put enough suction on your lips you would have lips just like Kylie Jenner.

Kylie states, “I haven’t had plastic surgery. I’ve never been under the knife,” she told Grazia magazine.




Okay guys, nobody from 12 to 18 can magically transform lip’s like she did. You cannot have plumped up lips at the age of 17 and “not have surgery”.

When I was growing up all I had was Myspace. Now at the age of 13 you can have: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat. It’s ridiculous I’d say.

Not only are young teens influenced by these social media networks, but also by who they follow; whether it be, their followers, who their following and celebrities, they are nailing in their head EVERYDAY that they must be this “perfect image”. By perfect image I mean, what the ideal of their personal image and self-esteem. Some teenagers experience self-esteem issues just by what they see on social media.



Referencing back to Kylie Jenner, they are influenced by her body image. Kylie does not look like the typical 18 year old. Kylie Jenner is the Barbie image of teens. Teenagers are influenced by her and expect themselves to look JUST like her. Therefore, the Lip Challenge was created. But look where that got them. Some girls experienced, swollen lips for hours and pain from trying to look like Kylie. Why would you want to do this knowingly your going to suffer in pain. But, the real question should be, is social media turning teen girls a little obsessive with their image?


Instagram is killing teen girls’ self-esteem





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