The Game was Over Before the Start


Once, again the New England Patriots are the best football team in the world. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as a duo have one a total of five each which is the most by any player/coach combo. They came back from a nineteen-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in what seemed to be a tremendous fashion. As the “rich get richer” many people are starting to create their own theories and second guess the integrity of the National Football League and commissioner Roger Goodell. As once again the best story line seems to win out. The Patriots are constantly in the news creating story lines and controversy surrounding their tarnished franchise. These same story lines are the ones that bring attention to the league and create us to get excited at talk about the NFL only benefiting the league. The most recent story of cheating was in 2016 the New England Patriots were accused of improperly deflating footballs to gain a competitive advantage against opponents. Another example of cheating by the Super bowl champs was in 2007 they were found taping hand signals of their opponents which allowed them to already know what defense was going to be played before the snap. In both accusations, the commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell botched both investigations only furthering the belief of an unjust league.

By: Evan Haras


Citations: Eric Lutz, Brian Tuohy

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