The Social Super Bowl

By Rebecca Taylor

Given that today is Super bowl Sunday and everyone is glued to their screen(s), I thought it would be cool to discuss how the Super Bowl, advertising, and social media are intertwined.

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The Super bowl draws in tweeters from all walks of life, who are commenting on anything Super Bowl related that might not even be just about the teams. According to data drawn from Super bowl 50, 16.9 million tweets were sent out into the twitterverse, and halftime garnered 3.9 million of those tweets. The majority of tweets with the super bowl hashtag were about the ads and the halftime performance, more than commentary on the actual game. This year Lady Gaga clued in her fans to her preparation for the big day by snap chatting, instagramming, and tweeting how she was getting ready. Social media has involved football fans (and ad fans) into the big game, and has bridged the gap between brands and buyers in ways that weren’t done just a few short years ago.

Ad agencies are getting real time data about the reception of their ads from Super Bowl watchers. People are posting first impressions immediately, with opinions being monitored with the use of campaign hashtags. The use of hashtags makes the airing ads way more efficient, and way more interactive. People want to discuss ads, and at such a prolific event they want to talk about the ads ASAP. If ads aren’t working, advertisers are going to know while the ad is airing. The twitter account for Adweek  posted surveys so that followers could vote on their favorite Super Bowl ad of the commercial break. Fans are tuning in and having their voices heard in real time.

A digital marketing agency called Merkle RKG analyzes the success in which advertisers supported their Super Bowl ads through social media and digital marketing. This includes SEO, and display advertising, and those that score poorly can learn from the tactics of higher rated ads. It’s important for the ads to cross multiple platform to really bring in the most engagement. Tying in multiple platforms in an integrated, interesting way is key to successfully pulling off a campaign.

In the ad and football world, it’s game on.

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