The Token From Engagement

By: Kalyn Baxter

With social media becoming one of the most effective platforms to promote a brand to as many future shoppers as possible, it is now standard for store and clothing brands to have social media accounts for sites like Instagram and Twitter that “targets a clear customer and tells a story that appeals to that person”. The apparel company American Rag is a brand for juniors that sale items within the store, Macy’s. Their strategy to attract more customers in the junior age range was by contacting them through social media. In February 2016, they posted on Instagram that they were planning on sending a group to attend multiple music festival, they were called the Rag Pack and were given clothes by American Rag to post nice pictures in. On February 24 and 25 the brand posted a picture of the participates without having her face shown so their follower could interact with the page and predict who they were. I decided to guess two of the four people and both times
they responded to my comment, which was a great feeling since I was the only person they replied to. The thumbnail_img_0650music festival tour started in March of 2016, I continued to tap like on their pictures and comment on a few throughout the tour. On May 24, 2016 I got followed by the brand and received a direct message that thanked me for being a loyal follower and for my email. The representative asked me to send her a link to two or three items that I wanted from their line so they could send clothes to show their appreciation. I received the items I picked and it also came with a signed thank you card. Upon receiving the package, On June 10th I posted a picture on Instagram and since they follow me they saw the picture and direct messaged me on June 18, 2016 asking if they could repost the picture of me on their page. I agreed of course, and on June 20, 2016 they posted and tagged me in the picture. The brand American Rag showed great engagement tactics and I admire how they used social media to have two-way conversation with potential and current long-term clients like me.

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