Twitch.TV Gives Advertisers a New Way To Reach Audiences

By Joshua Olivares

On November 2 of last year, a company that allows for users to stream to an audience, released ground breaking information concerning advertisers. would be upgrading their streaming services with SureStream. It does a wide variety of things but the main thing advertisers should be aware of is that fact that this new streaming service now combats third-party ad blockers. That’s right has found an answer for the question that has often kept advertisers up at night. Viewers with ad block will no longer be able to skip ads when watching their favorite streamers.

By Twitch Streamer: Theapplejhon


This doesn’t mean that viewers are forced to watch ads though. There’s still a few ways viewers can avoid ads. Like many streaming services, has a subscription that you can purchase, however it’s a bit different than say Hulu. allows for users to subscribe to certain streamers for as little as $5. who is owned by Amazon has a similar member program to Amazon Prime, called Twitch Prime which allows viewers an ad free experience.

This new services gives advertisers a new wide audience just waiting to be advertised to. The site has more than 100 million monthly users and 2.5 billion broadcasters according to the DMR. That’s a ton of ad space that’s just waiting to be explored. With third-party ad blockers no longer threatening advertisers (at least on this site) they can begin reaching new demographics. This will also help broadcasters on the site as they will be receiving more revenue as their ads will no longer be skipped.

While the “Twitch Community” is made up of mostly gamers they do offer other content besides video games. There’s people on there who stream their families eating dinner, or of their cats sleeping. The possibilities are endless and this new form a social media is still a new rising market. The broadcasters on the site build their brand through social media. Many times Twitch broadcasters use twitter to notify their viewers when they’re going live as well as interact with their followers. The real interactions take place during the stream as twitch allows for viewers to type comments in a chat that is live to the broadcaster. Viewers love interacting with their favorite streamers so they’re more than happy to sit through an ad if it means they get to interact.


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