Snapchat is the New Black

With technology at our hands communication and access to news has become so much easier. Millions of Americans have utilized these new forms of communication. A relatively newer social media outlet, Snapchat has taken center stage in past few years, progressively gaining popularity. Just this year, SNAP Inc., Snapchat’s parent company went public. Different brands, companies, and news outlets have recognized the advantages behind partnering with or investing in Snapchat. One of those advantages is the millennial audience that is not always easy to attract. Snapchat gives their users access to news media and a variety of different articles available in their featured section, which allow them to partake in reading news while not having to go to other sources. Just the other day one of my friends was discussing a story that was in the New York Times, and so I proceeded to ask her for her source, and yeah, her source was snapchat. However, one downfall to Snapchat is how much information there is on the Kardashians on a regular basis. In addition, you’re not necessarily running into several ads. In addition, NBC just invested 500 million in the Snapchat IPO. In fact, Jeremy Liew recently turned his 640,000 into 2 billion in just five-year. A school in California also benefited from this by turning their 15,000 to 24,000. The different approach Snapchat is taking is really interesting, because it is reaching out different audiences and allowing to work as multiple things at once.

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