Why Every 20-Something Should Build Their Personal Brand on Social Media

By: Morgan McAnally

In today’s day in age something that companies, brands, and consumers cannot live without is social media. Social media is not only a place where we communicate with each other, but it’s where we get to know each other and learn about each other through the content we display for the whole interweb to see. The older I have gotten the more I have realized how important it is to brand yourself when it comes to future employment and really creating your own online identity.

Being a 20-something in a world full of millennials that are constantly trying to stand out and show their authenticity, I have noticed how significant it is to brand yourself when it comes to your social media sites. There are so many ways you can charm future employers through a resume and face-to-face interaction, however social media is something that does not fall short on importance when it comes to catching the eye of said employer. By presenting your role in your community or social groups on your social media platforms you are making yourself more marketable and unique for your audience. Portraying thought leadership skills come with direct success when it comes to your personal brand and it is something that future employers can see and admire when they are looking over your social media sites. There are many successes that could potentially come your way when you build a strong foundation through your personal brand and you become someone that people not only trust, but people look up too.

Not only can you implement leadership through strong branding but you display authenticity that may not always show during an interview due to nerves or stress. Personal branding is a way for you to highlight your passions and stand out in whatever that passion is; To create something that you love and end up learning more about and gain a higher appreciation and standards for. When you show that passion through your work you gain those standards and constantly think of content that is outside of your comfort zone. This will lead you to future success and leadership in your future endeavors.


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