We Own Social Media. Not You.

Every generation has had their icons. Every time another generation matures, the climate of whatever they are going through at that time produces a special and select race of people. Icons. The most beautiful and accurate symbol of the attitude, mood and spirit of the time. The Baby Boomers gave us Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Madonna. Generation X gave us Will Smith, Lauren Hill, David Beckham and Peyton Manning. The things that were accomplished back then were victories that the generation could claim and hold on to. They were the gifts that were given to use by each respective generation and, even after they are gone, they’ll always be a representative of the era that replayed in the catalogue of their memories until the day they died. The world will never be the same to us after the days that we thrived have passed away and we reward ourselves only in memories and reminiscing.

Our time is finally here. 1981-2000 has hit its stride and the transition of power is finally upon us. It just seems like older generations are having problems staying in our plans for the future. I mean, they don’t get us. They keep trying to tell us what to buy, how to live and who to be. We want to do what we want. We don’t want McDonalds in the market anymore. We don’t like Walmart. We don’t want crooked politicians and stop trying to lie to us because we always find out. Also, we’ve figured out your Poker Tells, so…it just isn’t working. Stahp It.We film everything. We meme everything. We tweet everything. We dgaf about race. We don’t care if you’re black, white or latino. We don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. You can sit with us. And watch what you say about one of us, you might have to deal with the whole internet. We entertain ourselves. We don’t like 9 to 5s unless we’re having a good time. We want weed to be legal, not because we all smoke, but we just think people should be free to do whatever the f*** they want. Same goes for gay marriage, abortion, school debt and any major decision that people make in life. They should be free to make it. Free to be happy. That’s just how it is for us. We want to do what we want. Plain and Simple.

Who’s come from our generation? Beyonce did. She revolutionized the music game for black women forever. Mark Zuckerberg did. He was the artist behind a masterpiece that redefined the way human communicate forever. Evan Thomas Spiegel did. He created Snapchat. Lionel Messi did. He’s responsible for erasing the names of so many legends of the past. Steph Curry did. He rekindled the romance between basketball and the fans. We don’t have alot of icons yet, but we’re still young. We have energy for years. The one thing that is abundantly clear is that we’re different and we’re going to break all the records they said would never be broken. We’ll redefine The World while we’re taking selfies, wearing shorts to work and smoking weed with our friends in a packed car. We’re probably in there scheming on multi-billion dollar dreams because we’re starting to realize how strong we are. Don’t you hear the voices from the bottom getting louder? We’re not staying here. We saw what you did to our parents and grandparents. It isn’t happening to us. We’re taking our inheritance, even if we have to by force. We know you guys are stressed out about The World you’re leaving us, but don’t worry about the damage you left. We’ll rebuild it. We’ve waited a long time for this, so we’ll do whatever we have to to finally call the shots in our own world.

Thank you guys for everything you did for us. We wouldn’t be who we are without you. Now, sit back and relax. We’ll give it a try.


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